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A 124-Year-Old Magazine for Teachers Gets a New Name

Tara Welty October 7th, 2015

In 2012, a few weeks after I first became editor-in-chief of Instructor magazine, I met a woman named Marilyn Schutz, the publisher of The Big Deal Book...

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Meet the Super Teachers!

Tara Welty February 19th, 2014

Superman may be able to fly, but can he teach fractions? To our minds, that’s a true superpower. And thousands of incredible teachers do it brilliantly every day. The...

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On the cover of Instructor Magazine: Boy trouble

Tara Welty December 13th, 2013

If you follow education news, you’ve seen the disturbing stats about boys failing in school. Boys are 30% more likely than girls to flunk or drop out of school. They’re...

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