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Literacy through Culture: A focus on Cool Culture

Windy Lopez February 5th, 2014

This is the first post in a new Q&A series here on frizzle highlighting the important work of nonprofit and community organizations whose mission is aligned...

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#GivingTuesday: Why it’s so important to give back year round

Windy Lopez December 10th, 2013

It’s been a week since Giving Tuesday, and as part of an effort to continue to raise awareness about the important contributions so many non-profits provide year round, I...

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Family Involvement Week: Highlight on Gainesville, GA

Windy Lopez November 25th, 2013

In celebration of national Family Involvement Week and as part of Scholastic’s ongoing commitment to comprehensive and effective family engagement, we’ll be highlighting a...

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Fostering family resilience through literacy and place-based learning

Windy Lopez November 22nd, 2013

Last week my colleagues and I were in Tracy City, TN, for a Camp Discover “Family Reunion” event, where families enjoyed fun, literacy based activities that emphasized...

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Attendance Awareness Month: A focus on outcomes in Gainesville, Ga.

Windy Lopez September 16th, 2013

How can students benefit from effective classroom teaching if they are chronically late and often not in the classroom at all?  Research continues to demonstrate the...

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Kellogg Foundation announces new investment in ‘family and community engagement’

Windy Lopez August 28th, 2013

This week, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation announced a $5 million investment to identify and promote innovative family engagement initiatives that support children’s...

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The $4 million teacher

Windy Lopez August 8th, 2013

Wall Street Journal:“The Saturday Essay ”

As someone who believes deeply in: the role of public education; the critical value of quality teaching; families as first teachers and role-models; and, that ...

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Looking Ahead: Family Engagement in Education Act of 2013

Windy Lopez August 2nd, 2013

As part of the critical effort to provide a comprehensive reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind, the Family Engagement in...

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How To: Motivate kids to read during the summer!

Windy Lopez July 19th, 2013

What makes long summer days (that somehow seem too short!) so special?

Beach. Parks. Barbeques. Community and City Festivals. Road Trips. Adventures. Campfires....

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A resilient community is one that shares stories

Windy Lopez July 12th, 2013

Our world, our communities, our lives seem to be changing by the second these days. So, it’s not surprising that over the past few months many of us have been reading and...

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