David and Meredith Liben on addressing the shifts of the Common Core

Allison Wolfe  August 20th, 2013  Comments • 3

As part of our Teacher Appreciation Week programming here at Scholastic, David and Meredith Liben from Student Achievement Partners presented to an auditorium full of...

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Overcoming the ‘Matthew effect’ in reading

Tyler Reed  August 19th, 2013 

To me, one of the most interesting (and also maddening) things about the way humans learn to read is how, for learners, reading is both the goal AND the process.


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10 things worth doing in your classroom

Suzanne McCabe  August 15th, 2013  Comments • 36

David Coleman, the architect of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, spoke to a group of New York City teachers this week about how to enrich their...

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Bob Krech: Use Harry Potter to start conversations about numbers

Tyler Reed  August 14th, 2013 

Bob Krech is an incredible math teacher from New Jersey. Here, he shares a strategy for encouraging students to talk about the character traits of numbers -- a key skill...

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Inquiring Minds: Harnessing the innate curiosity in our young students

Maria Walther  August 14th, 2013 

If you teach the primary grades, like I do, then I don’t have to tell you that kids are constantly asking questions. At the beginning of the year, the one I hear most...

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The Power of Three: Prior knowledge, reading purposes, and rereading

Laura Robb  August 13th, 2013  Comments • 1

It’s no mystery. The more a reader knows about a topic, the better his or her comprehension and recall of a complex text will be.

Visualizing the jobs of tomorrow for today's students

Anne Sparkman  August 9th, 2013 

We must educate today's students for the jobs of tomorrow - jobs we can't even envision yet.  Teachers, I think you've heard this a time or two, right?  It is a resounding...

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Try your hand at modern day test questions

Anne Sparkman  August 9th, 2013 

New York has been in the education news again as scores come out from a first wave of tests that incorporate the Common Core.  An incredibly important issue as we will...

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Embedded thumbnail for A school designed to make learning game-like

A school designed to make learning game-like

Tyler Reed  August 9th, 2013 

Quest to Learn is a fascinating new school in New York City that has designed an approach to learning and pedagogy using gaming principles. It leverages the digital lives...

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The $4 million teacher

Windy Lopez  August 8th, 2013 
Wall Street Journal:“The Saturday Essay ”

As someone who believes deeply in: the role of public education; the critical value of quality teaching; families as first teachers and role-models; and, that ...

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Will Common Core perpetuate a 'civics gap' in education?

Tyler Reed  August 7th, 2013 

America's public school system is, I'd argue, our greatest government service -- an institution meant to provide opportunity and level the playing field, and without which...

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Rethinking the 'five finger rule'

Lois Bridges  August 6th, 2013  Comments • 9

I bet most of the educators out there have heard this pearl of teaching wisdom before: Don’t smile before Christmas. Yes, we’ve all heard it, and thankfully we...

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Shakespeare's Othello and racial stereotypes?

Suzanne McCabe  August 5th, 2013 
Blended Learning and Technology in the Classroom:“Teach Informational Texts Alongside the Literature You Love”

The Common Core is little more than a promise. How it is implemented will make all the difference. That's why this post by Catlin Tucker, a high school English language...

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Considering the goals and validity of standardized tests

Tyler Reed  August 5th, 2013 

Dan Willingham has an excellent post here raising some essential questions about standardized tests that we bloggers ought to consider -- no matter our opinions about them...

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Looking Ahead: Family Engagement in Education Act of 2013

Windy Lopez  August 2nd, 2013 

As part of the critical effort to provide a comprehensive reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind, the Family Engagement in...

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How daydreaming can help you pay attention

Suzanne McCabe  August 1st, 2013 
The Brilliant Report:“Looking out, looking in”

In a previous frizzle post, I spotlighted the Common Core's first Anchor Standard for Reading, which asks students to "Read closely to determine what the text says...

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Quote: To say I have a "good" job does not suffice...

Anne Sparkman  July 31st, 2013 

As we look to the new school year, quotes such as these paint inspiring pictures of how dedicated America's teachers truly are.

From Primary Sources 2012: America's...

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Defining surroundings, defining learning

Anne Sparkman  July 30th, 2013 

Attending the Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy last week left my mind spinning with educational ideas and refreshed with fond memories of my best teachers.  This...

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The Deeper Purpose of Learning: Satisfaction

Anne Sparkman  July 29th, 2013 

Cord Ivanyi, a veteran teacher of many ages, provided this commentary to Ed Week and I wanted to share. I enjoyed reading the whole piece but particularly like the closing...

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The Having of Grand Conversations

Lois Bridges  July 29th, 2013  Comments • 13

“I like to do all the talking myself. It saves time and arguments.” So declares Oscar Wilde in The Happy Prince and Other Tales—but yesteryear’s teachers...

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State Ed Leaders believe Common Core will move forward, but not without concern

Anne Sparkman  July 26th, 2013 

With the new school year just around the corner and the Common Core State Standards debate continuing, I thought this was interesting to share from the Center on Education...

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Quote: Pay attention to the details

Suzanne McCabe  July 25th, 2013 

Many Common Core discussions center on how students should read a text. No wonder. The gauntlet is thrown down in the first line of the first Anchor Standard for...

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What are an educator's indispensable tech tools?

Tyler Reed  July 23rd, 2013 

A couple of recent blog posts I’ve read have me thinking: What are an educator's indispensable tech tools?

What's the difference between Otolaryngology and Education?

Duncan Young  July 21st, 2013 

Otolaryngology is easily my favorite medical discipline. Or at least my favorite one to say. You non-medical geeks out there might know otolaryngology by its more common...

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Quote: "Any fool can get into an ocean..."

Suzanne McCabe  July 19th, 2013 

It is fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot in New York City. If you and the children in your life are sitting by the ocean, or beneath an air conditioner or a tree, you could do...

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