Pencil, no computer mouse down

Anne Sparkman  June 14th, 2013 

Common Core implementation is under various stages throughout the country with a common thread, the assessments are coming.  While some states are already working with new...

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Embedded thumbnail for Video: Does math actually exist?

Video: Does math actually exist?

Tyler Reed  June 14th, 2013 

Does math exist and it's something we discovered? Or did we create it as a way of explaining and modeling the world?

Is it just a really good story?


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Has the ship sailed on the goal of having Common assessments?

Tyler Reed  June 13th, 2013 

One of the promises of the Common Core State Standards is a uniform way to compare student achievement across the country -- and along with it, a uniform way to measure...

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Kids would rather eat broccoli than do a math problem

Tyler Reed  June 12th, 2013 

It does seem that struggles with math tend to turn into a full on phobia later in life. Is the same true for other subjects and skills? Part of the problem, it seems to me...

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Small changes go far in Common Core implementation

Lauren Tarshis  June 10th, 2013 

Our team at Storyworks magazine benefits from insights from our extended “family” of teacher subscribers around the country. We’re getting great tips on Common...

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Quote: If you think you can catch the bus, you will run for it

Tyler Reed  June 4th, 2013 

One of my all-time favorite education quotes. Why strive for something you don't believe you'll ever accomplish? Something to keep in mind for all students, but especially...

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A text complexity survival kit

Lauren Tarshis  June 3rd, 2013  Comments • 1

In Storyworks magazine, which is read by about 500,000 kids in grades 3-5, we’ve always been a little smug about our nonfiction stories, which we POUR ourselves...

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CCSS implementation outlook from CGCS

Duncan Young  May 31st, 2013 

The Council of Great City Schools has released an excellent report entitled "Implementing the Common Core State Standards in Urban Public Schools."  This survey of 36...

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