New themed-based K-6 collections—and a contest!

With the Common Core State Standards requiring students to dive deep into rigorous texts and focus on nonfiction to build knowledge, educators have been telling us they need theme-based collections of books built around the topics they most commonly teach. Voila! Text Setscollections of nonfiction books for grades K-6 built around science- and social studies-based themes.

Each Text Sets collection exposes students to six different nonfiction titles built around the same theme – from plants to geography to ancient civilization and more. Text Sets helps students build critical domain-specific knowledge needed to tackle complex, grade-level reading.

Although the program is already being used across the country, from New York to Hawaii, we thought it would be fun to give a Text Sets collection to one lucky reader. We also want to get more feedback from you: What sorts of themes would you like to see in future text sets?

For a chance to win, add a new comment below with your feedback and ideas for future sets!

GIVEAWAY: Enter the Text Sets for a chance to win a 55-book theme set of informational text (K-6)! To enter, leave a comment on this blog post telling us how Text Sets could help you support your students.  Comment any time between June 26 and 5:59pm EST July 2, 2013. One winner will be randomly selected! Read the official rules here. (Giveaway open to U.S. residents only; must be 18 or older to enter.)


Wow I really like this set you offer here.. Great material for children.. I think in the future maybe having a set geared towards different parts of the world or different people across the world. Thanks so much!

Love the idea of themed sets! Civil Rights, Leaders, Female Scientists, Inventors, Communities, Habitats, "Gross Science," Ocean Life, Environmental Protection/Conservation, Solar System... Check Brainpop and BrainpopJr for other popular category ideas!

Text sets for teaching history of states would be helpful. I didn't see those. I am always partial to the social studies ones. I especially like the biography ones. Our fourth grade teacher does a Famous Hoosier study and the students are interviewed by "Oprah." They must tell about their Famous person and answer questions.

This is amazing! Future set ideas could include building, biographies, geography, gross out science, wildlife amongst so many others!

Wow, it seems like there is a set already in place for each of the subjects I need. I would love to see a set of Greek and Roman myths to support our social studies unit about Greek and Roman culture.

Having these sets make arranging language arts centers fun! with different books around a realistic topic is perfect to fit common core. As a language arts AND social studies teacher. I would like to see more text sets about ancient civilizations (ancient Egypt/ China/India/ etc.). Other great text set would be character education sets (anti-bullying and topics like that).

Looking forward to seeing the text sets released and using a few of them in the future!

What a great way to expose children to science/social studies themes. I'd love to try these out with my second graders. Other sets might include books about space exploration, Mars, geographic wonders of the world and information about our fifty states.

Wow! How cool are these?! Science and Social Studies themes are embedded into our reading program. I could always use non-fiction stories based on multicultural themes, rocks/fossils, inventors, habitats, animals in an early-reader type story!

This is a great offer, it is harder and harder to find kid friendly texts that deal with science! And to have a chance to win them? Fabulous!!

These are just the kind of books I have been looking for to use during my library lessons. Non fiction is introduced on a weekly basis and these look very appealing!

What a wonderful set of books to help with my reading centers in Sixth Grade Science! I can see so many possibilities for use in my classroom!

Excellent idea. So useful for going more in depth or for doing research!

My struggling readers choose informational text when given the opportunity to self-select. It is a great way to get them to read. I love it when informational text is offered at many different levels on the same subject.

These Text Sets look exciting! I would love to incorporate the non-fiction texts into my curriculum. My students need ongoing practice with non-fiction material, and these would assist in boosting their knowledge.

Great giveaway! Our reading teacher can definitely use these to integrate nonfiction texts into her lessons. Any future sets would be awesome!

I tried to think of a nonfiction text set to put down as a suggestion, but you have covered them all already! There is a text set for all 6 of the science and social studies units that I teach! Very exciting!!

How about a series that does the states? You can include Science information as well. For example :
Kentucky and talk about Mammoth Cave...
Washington and the Rainforest
Florida and Citrus Groves
Students don't know about our country enough. Add a few maps would also be great!

YES!!! Also, states and their capitols, significant landmarks, landforms, and climates!!!

I love adding books to my classroom library.

Text sets are a great idea. This past year, my 7th and 8th graders enjoyed nonfiction texts on children and teens that were involved in the resistance to the Nazis in World War II, or who survived the Holocaust. This might appeal to 6th graders, also.

Nice! What about something on sports-the history, the greats, or perhaps the science-math that goes into sports.

Sounds like a great idea, but it would be great if you could continue the range of text sets up through middle school. There is a huge need for complex level texts for 6-8th grade that are appropriately mature.

I would love a text set! These are a great way to engage students in learning about relevant topics. How about a text set on scientific inquiry/scientific process for grade 3?

It's nice to have materials geared toward the Common Core Standards. Scholastic always listens to teachers and tries to give us what we need. Thank you so much for listening.

I like the idea of books with rigorous content and leveled to help students excel. And the fact the books are built around content that kids are naturally curious about- nature and the world around them.

What a great idea! These text sets would be very helpful in strengthening my curriculum with more rigorous non-fiction texts. It would also be fun to pair these non-fiction texts with fictional works from Scholastic!

Great sets. Future material could include STEM related sets....especially the engineering piece...building, etc.

This sounds great for integrating subjects!!!

Nonfiction sets geared around science topics - great idea! I'd love a set centered around energy, which will be a topic for me next school year.

A set for the different types of poetry.

WOW how exciting, these would be great to have as this will be my first year teaching second grade. I would like to see additional sets that would include famous Americans and weather.

These look great and would be wonderful to have in the classroom to go along with the Common Core. Other possibe themes: occupations, community helpers......

Great Idea, Love It! I would like to see sets covering: Community Helpers, Life Cycles, Space, American Symbols, Seasonal Weather.
thanks :)

How exciting to see a set of non-fiction readers on Ancient Civilizations! This would be perfect for incorporating all the non-fiction reading that the new CCSS have in Social Studies. It would be great if this series also included Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient India.

I would love to see sets of American History themed books from different perspectives, such as Native Americans, African Americans, and women.

I love text sets! They make a great resource for lessons and a new approach to information for kids! Brainpop works great with these, too! It'd be awesome to have a text set for math-maybe sharing easy ways to remember harder problems! :D

These would be great in my classroom! Since I am moving up to teaching 3rd grade next year, I'm not sure yet which Text Sets I would like to see. I'm sure what ever you put together will be great. Thanks!

Love the sets of non-fiction readers. A set for regions of the US would be great. Also economics concepts for young students.

Love theme sets. I wish some company would do sets geared toward individual states and individual grades based on state standards. It would be really awesome if someone did some for ESOL students based on content AND ELP levels. :-)

These are a great idea. I think a set of nonfiction text set biographies would be good. Also possibly a set on holidays.

I'm always looking for ways to get my students to read. New topics biomes, ecosystems, body systems.

These sets will work well to integrate content areas into ELA instruction.

How about famous women from history

The text sets look great! I love that they are science and social studies text. I would love to use something with famous Americans even famous scientists.

these book sets would be great to use with theme units and I really appreciate that they go along with common core.

I love these, and would love to see some American History sets that would catch my students attention!

I think these text sets are awesome! Nonfiction texts are a big push in education due to the new Common Core State Standards, and these are fun sets that will tap into the diverse interests of today's youth. I would love to see some sets related to the performing arts.

I'd love sets like these for my kindergarten class....this year's bunch was filled with information junkies who would have lapped these up!

Wonderful, my kids always seem to go to the nonfiction books!

Would love to win some nonfiction books. We incorporate 50/50 between fiction and nonfiction. However, it is so hard to find nonfiction books that the students enjoy. With them being centered around the Common Core, WOW! I know I would incorporate them into my listening comprehension as well as, allowing the students to use them for book club projects. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to win these WONDERFUL books! Any teacher would be thrilled to win free books. Pick me!